European Network for Belarus

The project aims to create a network of civil society organisations and experts for a democratic Belarus, in the cooperation with German, Polish and Belarusian partners. The project is based on a Working Group (“Arbeitskreis Belarus”) of German organisations interested in Belarus. It brings together around 100 institutions/experts (as of March 30, 2021). As part of the project, numerous activities with civil society and expert institutions are planned, such as online talks/networking, expert discussions/scenario workshops and strategic documents on Belarus, advocacy activities, co-organisation of the Congress for Belarus, a monthly newsletter about Belarus, institutional support and know-how for the Belarusian diaspora in Germany. 


As a part of this initiative, we co-organised in November 2022 the Roundtable about Belarus. It took place in our castle in Wojnowice. Aureliusz Marek Pędziwol kindly shared his photos from the event with us.



Reports (more on the website: )

Cztery scenariusze dla Białorusi do końca 2022 roku (in Polish)

Four scenarios for Belarus by the end of 2022 (in English)

Crisis in Belarus: role of Russia and options for the West (in English)

Sociology of protests in Belarus and international assistance (in English)


Menschenrechte in Belarus e.V.

The project is finances by the German Foreign Ministry as a part of the programme “Civil Society Cooperation in Eastern Europe” and The German Marshall Fund of the United States

Contact: Adam Reichardt