Debate Your Issue

Every democracy needs citizens who are aware of their duties and who are able to ask difficult questions, share their point of view, listen and exchange arguments, and – in the context of progressive polarisation – understand the importance of dialogue and want to act to establish it. Young Europeans share similar hopes, fears and experiences. The DYI project aims to raise the awareness of Europeans aged 18-25 in areas related to politics, society, economics, diplomacy, and the environment. The most effective method of learning is through practice. Forming opinions, defending own views, searching for justified and convincing arguments, DYI participants learn by debating. The project has been implemented since February 2021, as a part of it – every Saturday in online mode – workshops with experts, debating training and debates with politicians, scientists and activists are conducted. Visit the Debate Your Issue website!

Project coordinator: Kamila Łabno-Hajduk e-mail:

Workshop with Klementyna Suchanow
Workshop with Mikołaj Krupa (Akademia Retoryki)

The project DYI is organised as a part of the Erasmus+ programme. Partners: Mediawijs (Belgium), Goethe-Institut Tschechien (Czech Republic), National Library of Latvia (Latvia), International Youth Debate Alumni Association Lithuania (Lithuania), College of Eastern Europe (Poland), Novo Kulturno Naselje (Serbia).