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Medical workers – the new social activists of Belarus?

By: Aleksandra Oczkowicz
Belarus’s pandemic crisis and subsequent regime crackdown played a key role in creating a new kind of civic solidarity between the country’s healthcare professionals and society. Medical staff provide support to society and boost its morale and citizens respond in a similar way. Overall, medics have been one of the leading groups involved in mobilising Belarusian society during the political crisis. It now appears that Belarus’s new social activists can most likely be found in hospital hallways, examination rooms and online comment sections. Read more
EU and national law: which is ‘superior’?

By: Michał Jerzy Dębowski
Ongoing disputes between the EU and some its member states are deeply rooted in the problematic relationship between EU law and national constitutional orders. Whilst the general public remain unaware of these issues, lawyers do not intend to resolve them. Read more
The theory of a socially engineered perfect nation

By: Yauheni Liavonau
Regardless of the fact that most of the ideas that have ever emerged with the aim to create a perfect society have made terrible sacrifices and / or simply failed, the continuous development of society and civilisation proves that there is still much that can be changed and improved. Read more

Long live the Chinese Communist Party

By: Sabina Rakoczy
In the midst of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), questions about a form of governance very different from liberal democracy arises. How do Chinese people view their homeland? Read more

Why do people actually argue?

By: Anna Kulma
According to a study carried out by Guilherme Lopes from the University of Oakland sex, money, power, jealousy, household chores and attention paid to the partner, are the most common causes of arguments among young American couples. This raises the question – are these the only reasons behind the discord? I believe that there is more to it. Conflicts arise because we do not know how to talk with each other. Let us take a look at some approaches to solve problems at an early stage. Read more