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HomeNewsRoundtable in Leipzig (11/10/2023)

Roundtable in Leipzig (11/10/2023)

On October 11th within the framework of the EU project ‘Protecting European Values’ we organised in Leipzig, Germany a public debate called ‘Alternative for Europe? The rise of authoritarian radical right and the future of Europe’ that was a side event to the roundtable conference ‘REVOLUTIONALE’. The debate was organised with Else-Frenkel-Brunswik-Institut für Demokratieforschung.

Maria Wincławska and Kristina Tsabala, members of our expert team, participated in the debate as panellists. The debate started with a short presentation of our project by Adam Balcer, expert team leader and programme director of KEW. Participants discussed the rise in support for xenophobic, authoritarian and ‘hard’ Eurosceptic political parties in the EU, focusing particularly on the situation in Bulgaria, Poland and Germany.

On the following day, we organised with Else-Frenkel-Brunswik-Institut für Demokratieforschung a closed expert seminar on the popularity of the far right in the EU. German experts presented their research on the dynamics of authoritarian attitudes in Germany and radical protest movements in German eastern regions. Our expert Pola Cebulak discussed the European Union’s reactions to the dismantling of the rule of law by national populists in power in Hungary and Poland, while Anais Marin described Russia’s interference in EU internal politics.


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