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Strona głównaAktualnościNajnowszy numer New Eastern Europe

Najnowszy numer New Eastern Europe

tales from the Baltics

Szanowni Państwo,
najnowszy numer New Eastern Europe poświęcony państwom bałtyckim (Tales from the Baltics) już jest dostępny w wersji elektronicznej.
Serdecznie zachęcamy do lektury i prenumeraty https://neweasterneurope.eu/subscribe/

Wersja papierowa wkrótce!
Spis treści

We are still searching for our strategy with Russia

An interview with Linas Linkevičius

The Baltic states. Three peas in a pod?
Andres Kasekamp

The Baltic phoenix
Grzegorz Szymborski

Russians in Estonia. We are not “them”, we are “us”
Kristina Kallas

Photo story. Pandemic in the Baltics
Paul Pärn, Solveiga Kaļva and Jakob Wöllenstein

Latvia prepares for big step in LGBTQ+ rights
Ričards Umbraško

How far right politics derailed Estonian higher education success
Anastasiia Starchenko

Opinion and Analysis

Russia’s police state showed its real face in latest protest crackdown
Giovanni Pigni

Everyone understands what is happening
Victoria Odissonova

Zelenskyy takes on Russia’s information warfare campaign against Ukraine
Taras Kuzio

Joe Biden needs Eastern Europe as a success story
Vladyslav Faraponov

Georgia’s household debt crisis deepens in the wake of COVID-19
Mackenzie Baldinger

What is really behind Ivanishvili’s decision to quit politics
Soso Dzamukashvili

Farewell, nation!
Anton Saifullayeu


This conflict was always on the edge of Europe
An interview with Thomas de Waal

Navalny is a symbol of the opposition, not its leader
An interview with Boris Vishnevsky

Stories and Ideas

Remembering Mark Verlan. The artist who bridged poetry and apocalyptic jest
Giovanna Di Mauro

Preserving Soviet-era mosaics in Georgia
A conversation with Nini Palavandishvili

Art, Culture and Society 

Who is afraid of the letter Ł? Łacinka and the Belarusian dictator
Tomasz Kamusella

Not all that glitters is gold
Dylan van de Ven

Redeeming Europe
Jacek Hajduk

Eastern Cafe 

A book judged by its cover
Maxim Rust

Living with the beast
Maciej Makulski

A sort of magic realism
Kateryna Pryshchepa

The thieves in law
Lasha Bregvaladze