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Debate Your Issue

DYI_ID-09Encourage and inspire your young fellow citizens to find their way of expressing themselves, engage and involve them in exchanging ideas locally, nationally and in the EU level. The DYI project creates the tools that will help young people to develop their capacity in debating and formulating their views and opinions in actual social issues.


Wanted: youngsters aged 18 – 25 who…

  • fancy a great adventure
  • speak a little English
  • don’t hesitate to share their opinion
  • are interested in Europe, politics, …
  • have some “time” during the autumn of 2020 and spring of 2021
  • would like to debate about several actual topics
  • would like to travel in Europe for a European debate competition

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Ready. Set. Debate!

More about the project
In six European countries, youngsters aged 18 – 25 are competing in debates about several actual topics. That’s why, from October 2020 until the end of June 2021, you will represent the voice of your peers. To do this, you will:.

Take part in a European debate competitions about populism, media, migration,climate change, leadership, mobility, community building and the European Union in the world.

  • Follow debate trainings
  • Follow (online) trainings about actual themes
  • Create the communication about the project with your peers
  • Create policy recommendations

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Project partners: Mediawijs (Belgium), Goethe-Institut Czech Republic (Czech Republic), National Library of Latvia (Latvia), International Youth Debate Alumni Association Lithuania (Lithuania), Novo kulturno naselje (Serbia)


Project implementation period: 03.02.2020.–02.08.2021.

Project budget: 624 595,00 EUR

Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union