This year the School starts on 22 of November and ends on 29 of November. We will focus on the topic of perception of own national history and mutual perception of such history between the three nations. Students from each country will prepare lectures and workshops about their own history and culture (including movies, books ect. focused on modern history).

The project is co-financed by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation program „Study Tours to Poland”.

The main goal of the Osadchuk School is to better understand each other.

Among our lecturers we will have:

– the former German Ambassador in Kiev Mr Dietmar Stüdemann,

– Ukrainian historian and journalist Andriy Portnov

Kazimierz Wóycicki, Polish journalist, columnist and political scientist.

The six working days of School will focus on different topics:

History Day, Media day, Ukrainian Day day, Polish day, German day (workshops, seminars and lectures from last three days will be prepared by participants from each country). For full schedule please click on link here


The School will take place in Wrocław and in the Castle on the Water in Wojnowice (which is the the seat of College of Eastern Europe):

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English is the School’s language of instruction.

The Osadchuk School is free of charge. Accommodation, meals and transportation inside Wrocław are provided for free by the organizers.

Organizers do not cover the cost of travel to Wrocław.


For the full School schedule in English please click here

For more information, please email:

The project is co-financed by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

The project is co-financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation program „Study Tours to Poland”


The Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe in Wrocław




German Culture Forum for Eastern Europe



New Eastern Europe



Regional Centre for International Debate in Wrocław





Please notice – the organisers can change the dates of the School or even cancel entire event for reasons beyond force majeure.