New Eastern Europe nr 5/2016



ISBN: 2083-7372
Język: Angielski
Rok wydania: 2016
Wydawca: Kolegium Europy Wschodniej im. Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego

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The plight of political prisoner’s in Eastern Europe


This issue of New Eastern Europe aims to show the plight of the political prisoners whose voices we barely hear. Our contributors include former prisoners themselves, Andrei Sannikov and Rasul Jafarov, as well as other authors who illustrate the alarming increase in oppressions in the post-Soviet space. Reading them should help us understand the dire situation of today’s freedom fighters and encourage greater solidarity towards their cause.
Continued attention also needs to be paid to Ukraine, where changes are being implemented even if some elements of the landscape remain the same. Yulia Tymoshenko is hungry for power again and appears willing to do whatever it takes to make a comeback. Our author, Ukrainian journalist Roman Romanyuk, explains why Tymoshenko’s ratings are on the rise. As the situation with Crimea becomes increasingly tense, the position of its Tatar population is only getting worse. It is presented in Igor Semyvolos’s text. Finally, while the western media talk about the possibility of war in Ukraine’s eastern parts, our reporters, Paweł Pieniążek and Wojciech Koźmic, show that in the two self-proclaimed republics, the war has never stopped.

We close this issue with a special section on Kraków and Lviv – two UNESCO Cities of Literature.




Existence without life – Andrei Sannikov


A new generation of Russian political prisoners Janek Lasocki


Azerbaijan’s very own Ivan Denisovichs Arzu Geybullayeva


I chose not to be afraid - A conversation with Rasul Jafarov, former political prisoner in Azerbaijan


Central Asia’s opposition: Go directly to jail, do not pass go - Peter Leonard


Beyond control Interview with Irina Borogan deputy editor of


Why Russia does not retrench Stanislav Secrieru


Tymoshenko still hungry for power Roman Romanyuk


Time for fresh ideas in Ukraine’s democratisation efforts Nicholas Ross Smith


Helpless in their own homeland Igor Semyvolos


Resetting Georgia-NATO relations - Eugene Kogan





A post-modern construct deprived of ideology A conversation with Olga Sedakova


Is there a Transnistrian identity? Interview with Nikolay Babilunga





A shell-shocked city: two years on - Wojciech Koźmic


A zone of limited freedom - Paweł Pieniążek




How much Königsberg is in Kaliningrad? - Paulina Siegień





Where does an article end and a story begin? - Hektor Haarkötter


EASTERN CAFÉ – reviews of books and films from the region


A special section on Kraków and Lviv – Two UNESCO Cities of Literature 


And much more …



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